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The Internal Quality Assurance Unit of the Bhiksu University of Sri Lanka was established in the year 2017, based on the guidelines stipulated in the University Grants Commission Circular 04/2015. Under the guidelines of the University Grants Commission Circular 09/2019 the Internal Quality Assurance Unit is reestablished as the Centre for Quality Assurance.
  • By-law of the Center for Quality Assurance (No. 01/2023)
  • By-laws for the Library Committee (No. 02/2023)
  • By-law for Counseling and Mentoring (No. 03/2023)
  • By-laws for the Staff Development Centre (No. 04/2023)
  • By-laws for the Examination Rules and Regulations (No. 05/2023)
  • By-laws for the Grievance Committee
  • Quality Assurance Policy (01/2023)
  • Human Resource Development Policy (02/2023)
  • Student Assessment Policy (03/2023)
  • Planning, Designing / Revising, and Obtaining Approval for Curricula (01/20204)
  • Terms of Reference of Scrutiny Board of the Undergraduate Degree Programmes
  • Terms of Reference Heads of the Department
  • Terms of Reference for the Programme /Course Coordinators
  • Terms of Reference Director, Staff Development Centre
  • Terms of Reference for Setter, Moderator, First and Second Examiners
  • Terms of Reference for the Postgraduate Academic Coordinator
  • Terms of Reference for the Counsellors and Mentors
  • Terms of Reference for the Faculty Curriculum Development Committee
  • Terms of Reference for the Quality Management Cell
  • Standard Operating Procedure for Conduct of Examination


  • Guidelines on Programme Evaluation


  • Pree Evaluation Form
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Strategic Plan