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Degree Certificates Charges


It is possible to apply for a legitimate results sheet for one semester or complete degree course by duly paying the assigned amount of money as follows:

Issuing of the First Copy
1 Semester results sheet is issued free of charge
2 Detailed result sheet is issued for Rs. 100.00
3 Final Degree Certificate is issued at the convocation
4 Result script is issued for Rs. 1500.00

Issuing of the certificates- After First Copy

1 Semester results sheet is issued for Rs. 50.00
2 Detailed result sheet is issued for Rs. 250.00
3 Result script is issued for Rs.1500.00



Societies and Organizations As per the Ordinance No. 15 (XV) of the Act No. 26 of 1996 of the Buddhasravaka Bhiksu University, a Student Welfare Board is appointed under the approval of the Council for the benefit of the general welfare of student monks. The jobs and duties of this Student Welfare Board which will also include some student monks will be at the discretion of the Council regulations. The details of the existing societies and organizations of this University are explained as follows:

Academic Societies and Associations There are several academic Societies and Associations which only consist of student monks with the objective of achieving academic and social aims.
English Literary Association : Department of Languages Archaeological Society : Department of Sociological and Comparative Studies – Mass Communication Society: Department of Applied Buddhist Studies: 

Societies Functioning in the University and Research Publications

English Literary Association

This association functions under the Department of Languages in order to improve the English language knowledge of the student monks. Office bearers are elected in an annual general meeting and it is the duty of those officers to organize and conduct meetings, workshops and special lectures.

Archaeological Society

The archaeological society functions under the Department of Sociological and Comparative Studies and it is aimed at developing the student monks� subject knowledge and contemporary social understanding. Once a year, the office bearers are elected to achieve those objectives by way of publishing periodicals, newsletters and organizing field trips.

Mass Communication Society

This society, which is under the Department of Practical Buddhist Studies, has been fulfilling religious, cultural and creative programmes in and out of the university.

The wallpapers called Mansala, Nimtera ,the periodical called Sorowwa , the annual Poson Sedehe Gee Saraniya and Daham Sabha Mandapaya are used to develop the creative, academic and art talents of the student monks. Besides, conducting a Poya Day programme in a selected temple, distributing equipment etc..

Student Welfare Society

This society which is named as the Student Welfare Society of Bhiksu University of Sri Lanka is aimed at engaging in welfare activities of the student monks and expected to play a key role in national and religious matters apart from functioning as an impartial player in troublesome situations.

Supervising the hostel facilities of the student monks, active participation in their Higher Ordination ceremonies, extending a helping at a funeral of a close relative, participating in religious activities and looking after the food and other requisites of the students monks in the hostel are some of the major objectives of this society. All these societies should function without breaching any University regulation.

Oriental Language Society

This Oriental Language Society has been established under the Department of Languages with the purpose of developing oriental languages knowledge among the student monks. many activities are done by this University to cater the appreciation analytical knowledge pertaining to oriental languages

Regulations concerned

Prior to the establishment of a society or association, the constitution must be sent to the Vice-Chancellor through Head of the Department for approval. Otherwise, the society or association becomes invalid. Meetings should be summoned with the approval of the Head of the Department. (However, those meetings should be summoned after 4.00 p.m.)
If a society or an association collects any money, prior approval should be taken with a written request from the Vice-Chancellor through Head of the Department. Office bearers should be appointed once in an academic year through an election. In case of a vacancy of any post, a meeting should be summoned with the approval of the Head of the Department to elect a new office bearer only for the remaining period. Any organization to be established with the objective of rendering an academic or a social service under any name or title such as a society, organization, association etc. should be duly approved by the Vice-Chancellor.

Under no circumstance, an academic society will be allowed to be established in order to propagate or develop any political propaganda.