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The Staff Development Unit (SDU) at Bhiksu University of Sri Lanka (BUSL) serves as a crucial institution focused on enhancing the competencies and advancing the career development of all staff categories. Committed to improving the university’s teaching and learning methodologies, BUSL’s SDU prioritizes effectiveness, relevance, and student-centred approaches.

With a core mission to meet international standards, the SDU emphasizes the training of new academic staff in innovative teaching methods. It also dedicates itself to fostering the skills and competencies necessary for all university staff to perform effectively and efficiently.

Since its establishment, the SDU has been instrumental in fostering the professional growth of BUSL’s staff, ensuring they possess the requisite skills and knowledge to tackle the evolving challenges within higher education. Through diverse programs and initiatives, the SDU continually propels the enhancement of staff capabilities, thereby enriching the overall quality of education at Bhiksu University of Sri Lanka.