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Vice Chancellor's Message


Ven. Kanattegoda Saddharatana Anunayaka Thera

Senior Professor

Rajarata civilization became the epic center of religious culture ever since Sri Lanka started nourishing with Buddhist culture introduced by Arhant Mahinda. Bhiksu University of Sri Lanka which is located in such a religious ambiance is a current reflection of the ancient Bhiksu heritage of the great Maha Vihara tradition. With the noble objective of producing a Buddhist monk amalgamated with both knowledge and discipline, Bhiksu University of Sri Lanka was established under the Buddhasravaka Bhiksu University Act No. 26 of 1996 and today it has become a unique national University as it is the only university exclusively reserved for Buddhist monks.

Our University is committed to producing constant facilities to the student monks to learn Eastern and Western languages and other subjects with the central focus on Buddhist Studies. Due to its location at an archaeologically important premises, the University encountered various short commings for development in the infrastructure facilities sector. Accordingly, along with a new hope and new amendments, a Parliament Act was tabled in 2012 as a means to resolve all those issues and Bhiksu University was rename as Bhiksu University of Sri Lanka and the new University was established in a substantial space within the same municipal area, paving way to numerous victories.

The University adopts various methodologies and courses from time to time as per the other national level Universities and the initial four Departments of the institute were further expanded up to four Departments under two separate Faculties from 2013 onward. Following the overall national University system which adopts the semester system, our University too adopted the same reflecting a further progress. Besides, as per the new amendments in 2012 and the latest regulation and bylaws of the UGC (University Grant Commission), the entire mechanism of our University was further consolidated.

Particularly, as a scholar qualified to pursue academic and research activities at this University, we sincerely wish that you maintain an exemplary character without tarnishing your Orderly life and the prestige of this University.

This University is in a position to assist you in every possible manner to succeed your University career. Hence, I wish that we will be able to produce a scholar who is endowed with knowledge, wisdom and perfect Bhiksu attitudes along with cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains.