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Department of Applied Buddhist Studies

Department of Applied Buddhist Studies

The Department of Applied Buddhist Studies (DABS) is one of the departments established within the Faculty of Buddhist Studies of the Bhiksu University of Sri Lanka. It has a rich history dating back to its inception of Buddhashravaka University in 1996. Formerly known as the Department of Practical Buddhist Studies, its name transitioned to reflect its evolving focus on practical applications, becoming the Department of Applied Buddhist Studies in 2023. The DABS is dedicated to disseminating knowledge and application of Buddhist thought and culture, aiming to empower students to integrate Buddhist principles into their real life and the world. The Department offers two Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree programs: BA (General) in Practical Buddhist Studies, introduced at the department’s inception, and BA (Honours) in Buddhist Psychology and Counseling, initiated in 2018, and foundation courses in Meditation, Yoga, and Information Technology. Moreover, the Department operates the Buddhist Counseling Center, offering psychological support to the students of the University. Facilities and services provided by the Department include Computer Laboratory, Meditation Research Center, Skills Development Center, and Buddhist Counseling Center, all aimed at enhancing the education experience and holistic development of the students of the Bhiksu University of Sri Lanka


Practical Buddhist Studies Meditation and Yoga Buddhist psychology and counseling Information Technology 

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