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Bhiksu University of Sri Lanka was established under the Parliament Act governing directly under the Ministry of Higher Education of Sri Lanka as the only state university dedicated solely for Buddhist Monks' higher education.

Bhiksu University of Sri Lanka has a strong research base across a spectrum of academic disciplines engaging in research at national and international levels.

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Orientation Programme - Academic Year 2016/2017
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The orientation programme for the student batch of the academic year 2016/2017 started under the directions of the Acting Vice-Chancellor Rev. Prof. Kanattegoda Saddharatana Thero & the participation of academic staff, the guardian incumbent monks and the students. The number of students recruited for two faculties is 134. All the necessary stationery items for the student monks were offered by the Carlton Garments, Jaffna Road, Anuaradhapura as an annual contribution of them. Many special lectures, meditation programmes & English language training programmes together with the introduction to the course units & the university life will be conducted for nearly a one month period.



3rd National Buddhist Conference of Bhiksu University of Sri Lanka
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The 3rd National Buddhist Conference of Bhiksu University of Sri Lanka ended successfully on 01st November 2017 at Bhiksu university premises. This conference was graced by Most Ven. Kotugoda Dhammawasa Mahanayaka Thera, The Uttareethara Mahanayaka thera of Sri Lanka Amarapura Mahanikaya and the Chancellor of Bhiksu university of Sri Lanka. The keynote speech at the inaugural session was delivered by Ven. Prof. Madagampitiye Wijithadhamma Thera, Head, Dept. of Buddhist and Pali studies, Sri Jayawardanepura University. 131 research papers were presented in 24 parallel sessions by 186 academics representing almost all universities in Sri Lanka. This conference was organized by Bhiksu university of Sri Lanka under the guidance of Ven. Prof. Kanattegoda Saddharathana nayaka thera, the acting vice chancellor of BUSL.



The Literary Festival, “Kasavatin Kalakethata”
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The Literary Festival, “Kasavatin Kalakethata” (from the yellow robe to the field of arts) which was started in the year 2008, with the theme of ‘the heritage of the followers of the Buddha for a creative future’. Thereafter, the second literary festival was held in the year 2015. The third Literary Festival was held from 11-15th of October 2017. The President of the Students Monks’ Association Ven. Kehelwala Rewatha, Secretary Ven. Siribopura Sumitta, Treasurer Ven. Welimada Gnanarathana and Vice President Ven. Marthuwela Rathanasara were in the process of organizing the Literary Festival with the guidance of the Acting Vice Chancellor Ven. Prof. Kanattegoda Saddharatana and the academic staff. All the students of the University worked in unison with the administration in organizing the exhibition stalls and made it a success. There were 26 exhibition stalls. Apart from the stalls of the University students, there are stalls of Sri Lankan Army, Scouts, other universities, Indigenous Medicine etc. In parallel to the Literary Festival, there were two publications named “Sasthra Locana’ and Vidyarthi. Vidyarthi was a reviewed journal with the articles of student monks of the university. Appreciation of songs and the musical show was conducted with the participation of the singer Chamara Weerasinghe on the final day of the Festival.


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