Welcome to BUSL International Online Conference - 2021 (BUSL-IOC2021)

23rd of December 2021, Bhiksu University of Sri Lanka

Contemporary Human Challenges: Buddhist and Multidisciplinary Perspectives
(සමකාලීන මානව අභියෝග: බෞද්ධ හා බහු විෂයීය පර්යාලෝක)

Living beings are constantly faced with challenges. However, human beings in the contemporary world encounter more challenges than ever before. Buddhism and all the other disciplines are blessed with a rich knowledge of interpreting and finding solutions for such challenges. Therefore, the Bhiksu University of Sri Lanka organizes a virtual forum to share your valuable knowledge, experiences and research findings.

  • Buddhist Studies
  • Humanities
  • Social Sciences
  • Natural Sciences
  • Applied Sciences
  • ICT