Academic and Student Services Division

General Services

Academic and Student Services Division of the university is responsible for allthe academic and students services activities of the faculties.

  • Conducting Faculty Boards and meetings and send the minutes to senate.
  • Convene a Heads Meeting and keeping records.
  • Coordinating Academic Staff and Non-academic staff of the faculties.
  • Maintaining and repairing the faculty lecture halls and premises.
  • Preparation of faculty academic calendar and send it to the approval of the senate.
  • Assisting to Deans of the faculties in order to smooth functioning of the academic activities.
  • All activities related to students affairs.

-Providing accommodation facilities
-Payment of bursaries and Mahapola Scholarships
-Conducting students’ elections
-Assisting various cultural, religious and other extracurricular activities



Assistant Registrar
Mr. L.P.K.Gunathilaka
B.Sc. MBA reading
Extension :306
Phone :025 2235784
Staff Members

Name & Job Title


Mr. H. H. Indrasena
Staff Assistant

025 2235784

Mr. J. P. D. T. De Silva
Computer Applications Assistant

Mrs. D. M. W. H. Dissanayake
Computer Applications Assistant

Mr. K. A. D. N. Ariyasinghe
Computer Applications Assistant

Mr. V. K. Randeniya
Technical Officer Grade

Mr. G. Rajatrathna
K. K. S.

Mr. S. T. P. Karunarathna
Labourer Grade III

Mr. K. Wipulashantha
Labourer Grade I

Mr. A. A. D. Sisira Jayalath
Labourer Grade I

Mr. R. G. Chandrapala
Labourer Grade I

Mr. H. K. A. S. W. Karunarathna
Cook -  Grade III

Mr. W. C. S. Jayathilake
Cook -  Grade III

Mr. N. G. J. Rajapaksha
Cook -  Grade III