Bhiksu University of Sri Lanka



Limitation to Book Lending

The following table shows the number of books that can be borrowed by each staff category.

Academic Staff
Book Category Quantity of books Time Period
Lending 20 One Month
Reference 02 One Night

Non Academic Staff
Designation Category Quantity of books Time Period
Executive Lending 08 2 weeks
clerical Lending 03 2 weeks
works aid Lending 02 2 weeks

Undergraduate Students and Postgraduate Students
Year Lending ( 2 weeks) Reference ( 03 Days) Text Books (01 Year)
1 Year 02 01 03
2 Year 03 01 03
3 Year 04 01 03
4 Year 04 01 03
04 - -

Library of the Bhiksu University of Sri Lanka only provides reference facilities for approved external parties
The relevant external parties are,

  • Teachers of Pirivenas, Students who are following oriental medium and final examinations, post graduate students of other universities, Students of external degree program, Diploma & Certificate courses of BUSL.

  • If a student of an external degree /Diploma/Certificate Course wishes to obtain the membership of the library, he should get a written recommendation of the coordinator of the relevant course.

  • Students & teachers of Pirivenas and Students who have registered for the post graduate studies of other universities should submit a letter with the approval of the Head of the department / Parivenadipathi.

  • Students who have received the approval should pay a sum of Rs. 2000 to the Shroff. The receipt should be produced to the library along with the application form. This deposit is refundable. An appropriate amount will be deducted from the deposit as reparations, if the reader had caused damages to the books he/she has referred to. The library only provides reference facilities to the users mentioned above. The service is provided only during the opening hours of the library. (From 8.30 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.)

  • Along with the application, two stamp sized photos of the applicant must be produced to the library.

  • After receiving the membership, members are given an identity card, for which Rs.200/= will be charged.