Bhiksu University of Sri Lanka


Fines and Payments

Loss of library cards

In case of a loss of library card, it should be informed to the librarian in writing immediately. A new library card will be issued after 14 days of submitting the duly filled application form with a due of Rs. 25.00. The card owner is held responsible in case a book has been issued to another person on a lost library card.

Distortion of library cards

In case a library card has been damaged or faded so that the information therein is not readable, a new card should be applied for with a duly filled application form and a due of Rs. 25.00.

Retaining the books exceeding the permitted time period.

A member should neither retain a lending book for too long exceeding the permitted time period nor retain a book without properly renewing. For retaining a book too long a proper permission from the librarian should sought with a written request. (If there is no reader request for that book, extension of a renewal is possible.) Every book which is retained without proper permission will be fined for every extra day. (At present the fine is Rs. 1.00 per day.)

Loss of a lending book

In case of a loss of a book, the library should be informed immediately with a duly filled form. If the book cannot be produced within two weeks of the above form, the member should produce a new book or pay double the price of the book along with an extra Rs. 50.00 as library fine. If the book has been bound by the library that fee also should be paid. The library committee will decide the amount of the fine depending on the publication year and the difficulty of accessing certain very rare books.