Bhiksu University of Sri Lanka


Message from the Librarian

The Bhiksu education centre called Buddhasravaka Dharmapeetha was established in 1969 and was re-launched with a new face value on 31.5.1998. All the books of the former Dharmapeetha library were taken into the custody of the university. That library which was under several librarians started developing with the modern scientific features in par with a university library from 1.8.1998.

As at present the Buddhasravaka Bhiksu University is being developed as the Bhiksu University of Sri Lank since 7.7.2012 and is engaged in a special mission to promote the education of the local and foreign Buddhist monks. Hence, this brief introduction is aimed at declaring the plan and functioning of the Bhiksu University of Sri Lanka.

Mr. Y.K. Thissa Bandara (covering librarian)
BA (Hon's) MSSc (Library and Information Science)