Bhiksu University of Sri Lanka


Objectives of the library

  • Providing books, publications and technical documents to the students and the academic staff of the University for Academic and research activities.
  • Providing readership services to the other staffs of the university.
  • Providing reference services to non-university local and foreign scholars.
  • Functioning as a centre for developing the knowledge of library science, desire for reading of the Buddhist monks.

Developing as a sustainable centre for local and foreign Buddhist studies, Bhiksu University of Anuradhapura is one of the most prominent universities in Sri Lanka. History of the Bhiksu University can be traced back to six decades. Education and research of the Bhiksu University are based on according to the objectives and goals of the University Act. Since the necessity of a well-equipped library has been identified from the beginning and they have a long history.Mahaviharaya of Anuradhapura was the pivotal point of Buddhist education system in the Anuradhapura era. History certifies that there were libraries in this period called ‘pela’ and ‘atuwa’ and Lowamahapaya is one of the quintessential examples. According to ancient data, thouands of Bhikkus were living in Mahaviharaya, Jethavanaramaya and Mihintale. There were 5000 Buddhist monks in Abhayagiriya temple.

According to the history of Buddhism in Sri Lanka, Anuradhapura occupies the foremost position. However, due to the changes occurred, the grandeur of Anuradhapura era gradually declined.

The library of the Bhiksu University of Sri Lanka is controlled under the direct inspection of the Vice Chancellor and the librarian. The duty of the librarian is to provide the readers with books, magazines and E-resources related to academic fields. Further, he has to properly manage these resources. About 500 students and academics are facilitated under the process.

Besides, post graduate students of BUSL and external researchers with proper permission are also provided with library facilities.

It is a necessity to continue the education of the university according to international standards. We’re glad to announce that the university is ready to cater to the educational needs of the international students in future. Currently, the library is formulating ‘Thripitakas’ based on Buddhism, ‘Atuwa’ and extra books related to aforementioned topics. The library consists of books related to

  • 1. Generalities
  • 2. Philosophy and psychology
  • 3. Religion
  • 4. Social Sciences
  • 5. Language
  • 6. The arts
  • 7. Literature and rhetoric
  • 8. History and Archeology
  • 9. Biography

The library has many literature books related to Sinhala, Pali, Snaskrit and English languages. In every sense of the word, ‘Reading makes a full man’ is true to its core. All who study under BUSL and who wish to study under the BUSL are invited to experience the service of the library.

Y.K. TissaBandara