Bhiksu University of Sri Lanka



R Reference Book
SR Short term Reference Book
SL Sri Lankan Book Collection
RR Rare Reference Books
Lending Book

  • Reference Book(R)
    Code of "R" in sim cards are used in library for References. (Dictionaries, Encyclopedia, Annual Statement, Magazines, rare books, technological & scientifically documents, government statement and relevant documents of the Bhiksu University fall under this category.

  • Short Term Reference (SR)
    These types of books are given the authority to lending but should hand over to the library within three days.

  • Collection of Sri Lankan Books (SL)
    Books with this symbol (SL) are not allowed for lending.

  • Rare Reference Books (RR)
    Very rare reference books are not allowed to lend.

  • Lending Books
    The books which have not been mentioned above codes & only common number are able to lend.

Book Lending

When a reader wants to borrow a book, he is requested to get the necessary approval of the library counter and of the security guard officer at the main entrance. When you borrow a book, a staff member at the counter will stamp the return date of the book and the security officer will write down the reference number of the book. It is an offense to borrow books violating the due process. Books won’t be issued for the library cards of the people other than the card holder.

Classification of library books

The books in the library are classified according to the DV decimal classification introduced by Melvil DV (1851-1931).

000 Generalities
100 Philosophy
200 Religion
300 Social Science
400 Language
500 Natural science and Mathematics
600 Applied Science (Technology)
700 The Arts
800 Literature
900 Geography
900 Biography
900 History

In the classification of references of Thripitaka, the same method has been used adding another number for the benefit of readers.

According to the DV Classification

294.3 Buddhism
294.38 Books of Buddhist Sources
294.382 Tripitaka
294.3822 VinayaPitaka
294.3823 SuttaPitaka
294.3824 AbhidammaPitaka

This means the commentary (Samantapasadika) written the ParajikaPali, which is the first book of VinayaPitaka. Meanwhile Samantapasadikatika (Saratthadipani) is classified as 294.3822 1 a 1. Accordingly, on the basis of the traditional classification method of the tipitaka literature, a separate number has been included in a circle. That indicates the traditional tipitaka classification number. This will be both beneficial to the readers who are familiar with the traditional tipitaka classification method and to those who are familiar with the Dewey Decimal Classification method.