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Prehistoric Excavation of the Kebella lena (Cave site) of Palindanuwara

Lecturers and students field of Archaeology of the Department of Social Sciences and Comparative Studies, Bhiksu University of Sri Lanka conducted an Archaeological excavation at Keballalena of Runakkanda (Rusigala) forest area of Palindanuwara from 28th February to 23rd March 2022. During this prehistoric excavation stone tools, Bone tools, Canarium zeylanicum, Charcoal have been uncovered at the site. These artifacts are being analyzed under the supervision.
Senior Lecturer Ven. Pahiyangala Sumangala was the Project Officer in charge of this project. Excavation was carried out with the participation of Senior Lecturer Dr. Ven. Uduvila Uparathana, Senior Lecturer Ven. Kelagama Jinarathana, Temporary Lecturer Ven. Konakumbukawewa Pannaloka and Bhikku students (special 3rd Year), Dr. Nimal Perera (Former Deputy Director) L.V. De Mal (Archaeologist), Daglas Bandara (Research Officer) S.V.P. Lakmal Samarasinghe, Gayan Baduraliya and H. Dinethra Tharangani.

Special Thanks
The Vice-chancellor of Bhiksu University of Sri Lanka Prof. Ven. Kanattegoda Saddharatana Nayake Thera, Dean of the Faculty of Languages and Cultural Studies Senior Lecturer Ven. Galwewa Wimalakanthi, Head of the Social Sciences and Comparative Studies Senior Lecturer Ven. Udugampola Gunananda and the Director General of Department of Archaeology Senior Prof. Anura Manathunga.