Bhiksu University of Sri Lanka- Anuradhapura Undergraduate (Partial) Scholarship Programme for Foreign Buddhist Monks - 2021

The Bhiksu University of Sri Lanka has decided to award 10 scholarships for Foreign Buddhist Monks for the academic year 2021.

  • Name of the Scholarship: Vice Chancellor's Undergraduate (Partial) Scholarship
  • Number of Scholarships: Two scholarships for each country
  • Privileges: Hostel fees, course fees and other academic fees will be provided by the University for the Monks eligible for the Scholarship. The scholarship has no provision for living costs but additional financial support is available.
  • Priority is given for those who are proficiency in English and Pali.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Only foreign Buddhist monks are eligible for this (Partial) scholarship programme.
  2. Only completed applications accompanied by all supporting documents will be considered.
  3. The candidates should fulfill the required qualifications approved by the Senate to follow Bachelor's Degree.
  4. Applicants will be assessed according to the assessment criteria set out for scholarships.
  5. Applicants may be requested to submit further information or to attend an interview.
  6. Continuation of the scholarship is subject to the recipient successfully meeting the academic requirements of each term of the programme, including passing all subjects, and adherence to programme rules.
  7. The students who are awarded the scholarships should register on due starting date for the academic courses. Scholarships may not be valid to the next academic year.
  8. The scholarship programme will be processed, based on the satisfactory academic progress of the students.
  9. If the student who is eligible for the scholarship is convicted by violating university rules and regulations, the scholarship will be deprived by the University.
  10. Well-disciplined conduct and good attitudes are highly considered by the University throughout the programme as per the code of ethics and rules of the University.

The University has the right to withdraw the scholarship if the students are subsequently found to be ineligible or if above terms and conditions are not adhered to.