About Us

As a Buddhist University, our prime duty is to open the University for the Academics of the world who are interested in to do their studies and researches in field of Buddhist studies. Therefore, The University established the Unit of International Affairs (UIA) to link with the World Buddhist Universities and to support Buddhist scholars of the World for their researches. The main objectives of the Unit as followings:

  • To facilitate to promote Theravada Buddhism and Meditation of the world.
  • To recruit foreign undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  • To initiate and facilitate MoUs and agreements with selected institutions around the world.
  • To facilitate to students and staff exchange programmes.
  • To be the coordinating centre for international research conferences, training programmes, workshops and seminars of the University.
  • To promote and coordinate the exchange of international research scholars and students.
  • To facilitate short term courses for international students.
  • To keep up the correspondence and monitor international relations of the University.
  • To promote and help in the collaboration of interdisciplinary research including postgraduate institute.
  • To locate international partners for local research or vice versa.

Ven. Kirama Wimalathissa Thero (Senior Lecturer)