PhD Programmes

PhD Programmes

1Doctor of Philosophy Degree Program - PhD

Course Duration - 03 Years

  • Buddhist Studies
  • Pali
  • Sinhala
  • Sanskrit
  • Archeology
  • History
  • Sociology
  • Education Science
  • Philosophy

  • A Master of Philosophy Degree from a recognized university.
    A Master's Degree (Research) / Master's Degree (two year) from a recognized university
    Any other relevant qualification deemed to be acceptable by the Senate of the Bhiksu University of Sri Lanka.

Research Proceeding
  • The student should make a presentation of 20 minutes before senior academics of the respective faculty within 03 months of the registration for the course.
  • Within 06 months of the first presentation, the presentation of Review of Literature should be presented.

Word Count of Thesis
  • The thesis should be not less than 90,000 words.

  • Upon the completion of the thesis in accordance with guidelines and directions of the University, three copies of the thesis should be handed over to the UPEDEC.

  • The respective supervisors are appointed by the Senate under the recommendation of BOS of UPEDEC

Viva Voice Examination
  • Upon the receiving of the relevant reports of the thesis, the VIVA VOCE presentation is held. There, a full detailed analysis on the research should be presented within 20 minutes.

  • Application Fee           1,000.00
  • Registration Fee          5,000.00
  • Course Fee              110,000.00
  • Supervising Fee         30,000.00
  • Library Fee                  4,000.00
  • Total                        150,000.00

  • Other fees
    • Library Fee (Refundable)        5,000.00
    • Renewal of Registration          5,000.00
    • Result Sheet                         1,000.00
    • Degree Certificate                  1,500.00
    • Translation of result sheet (including local registration fee)                  1,500.00
    • Translation of result sheet (including overseas registration fees)           2,500.00

  • Sinhala / English