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Skills Development Center

The Skills Development Center was established attached to the Department of Applied Buddhist Studies, Faculty of Buddhist Studies of the Bhiksu University of Sri Lanka. Practical activities of the students of the subject of practical Buddhist studies are carried out through this center. In the development of attitudes of the Bhikkhu, traditional way of preparing the robe (civara) is taught and practical activities such as taking measurement, cutting and sewing of fabric for the civara are implemented and trained at this skills development center. Equipment related to these activities have been installed in this place. Furthermore, the theoretical study on palm leaf (Puskola) writing which has a significant value in the traditional art of writing is conducted, and the equipment required for practical activities of palm leaf (puskola) writing are stored here. The equipment include traditional instruments such as panhinda, ulkatua, kamba, sakiya, huya, prepared puskola, mold etc. are kept at this place and they are introduced and used in training sessions. Moreover, the study of Ayurveda medicine and medicinal production training is another aspect delivered through the Skills Development Center. Equipment used in prodicing indigenous Ayurvedic medicines are stored here, and used in training sessions of students. The productions such as robes (civara), palm leaf (puskola) writings, medicinal oils made by students in annual training sessions have been stored and displayed in this center. The Skills Development Center established in the Department of Applied Buddhist Studies is vital for disseminating the practical knowledge which is required for student monks of the university, especially while implementing traditional Buddhist religious activities in general.