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Message from the Dean

Ven. Welivita Soratha

Senior Lecturer

This university has given the power to establish the faculties at the university premises itself by the Bhiksu University Act No: 15 in 2012. As following the above mentioned act two faculties entitled Faculty of Buddhist Studies and Faculty of Language and Cultural Studies were established for the first time. Two departments are formed under the Faculty of Buddhist Studies namely: Department of Buddhist and Pali Studies and Department of Practical Buddhist Studies. Altogether two departments and also; the Faculty of Buddhist Studies are set in a four storied building.

Department of Buddhist and Pali Studies offers special and general degrees in Buddhist Philosophy, Buddhist Civilization and Pali in both Sinhala and English medium. One Senior Professor, one Professor, 17 lecturers including Senior Lecturers, Lecturers, Probationary Lecturers, and Temporary Assistant Lecturers work attached to the department.

Department of Practical Buddhist Studies is also formed under the Faculty of Buddhist Studies. This department offers Compulsory Bhavana, Information Technology and Buddhist Psychology and Counseling courses. Among them Buddhist Psychology and Counseling can be read as a special degree course.

These two departments disseminate its larger knowledge toward internal and external students via Diploma in Buddhist Studies, Certificate in Astrology and Certificate in Information Technology. Above main disciplines provide external and postgraduate degrees as well.

In relation to Buddhist Studies it qualifies students with academic and research based knowledge on the Dhamma-Vinaya in Theravada notion. And also; Pali that is much useful to study the Canonical Texts gives the students an advanced linguistic knowledge. So English as an international language relates with the Objectives and Purposes of the University procures also a linguistic knowledge to expand Theravada Buddhism all over the world.

Department of Practical Buddhist Studies is of practical activities such as practice of mental development (Bhavana), writing on Palm leaves, sewing robes, and coloring robes and so on. All these activities are focused on traditional technical knowledge and awareness on ethical basis of the Sa?gha.

The Faculty of Buddhist Studies affords its disciple through Buddhist Education as it seems to fit better with Buddhist Studies. It always tries to build up a well-qualified monk that is capable to face with the modern social issues having gained the knowledge on comparative religious studies. Furthermore, we try our best to practise Buddhist mental development and promoting Buddhist Cultural values among the student monks in accordance with the Bhiksu University Act.