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Undergraduate Programmes

The three subjects operating under this Department are:

  1. Sanskrit (B.A. General)
  2. Sinhala (B.A. General)
  3. English (B.A. General)

Foundation Courses

  1. Writing Skills (for Sinhala Medium students)
  2. Writing Skills (for English Medium students)
  3. Compulsory English (Non-credit Course Unit for all students)

Certificate Courses

  1. Certificate Course in Japanese (for selected group of students in the second and third year)
  2. Tamil Certificate Course (for selected group of students in the first and second year)

Certificate Course in Chinese

  1. Certificate Course in Chinese 1 (for all students except first year)
  2. Certificate Course in Chinese II (for those who passed the first year certificate course)

For the purpose of improving language skill, a Language Lab has been established under this Department and the studies at the Language Lab are done with the approval of the Head of the Department and the direction of the relevant lecturer.