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Unit of Postgraduate, External Degrees and Extension Courses (UPEDEC)

The Unit of Postgraduate, External Degrees and Extension Courses was established in 2016nd it is currently located at the ground floor of the Faculty of Languages and Cultural studies, Bhiksu University of Sri Lanka. The Unit was headed by Four directors from 2016s given bellownd currently the unit is chaired by Chair Prof. Ven. Kanangamuwe Rahula Thero.

Former Directors of the Unit

  1. Senior Prof. Ven. Pathegama Gnanissara Thero (From 16.01.2016 to 07.01.2017)
  2. Dr. Rev. Diulapalasse Wimalananda Thero (From 08.02.2017 to 14.03.2018)
  3. Prof. Ven. Waradiwela Wijayasumana Thero (From 15.03.2018 to 24.01.2019)
  4. Dr. Ven. Kallanchiye Rathanasiri Thero (From 26.08.2019 to 25.11.2022)

Postgraduate programs including Master of Arts (By Research), Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy, a Bachelor of Arts (External) Degree Program, several Diploma programs and Extension courses are conducted by the UPEDEC. Only Buddhist monks are allowed to follow the postgraduate programs while allther programs are available for both Buddhist monks and lay students.

Postgraduate programs are conducted under the following subject areas.

Postgraduate Programs


Subject Area

Master of Arts (By Research) – MA

02 Years

Buddhist Studies, Sinhala, Pali, Sanskrit Archeology, History, Sociology, Education Science and Philosophy

Master of Philosophy – MPhil

02 Years

Doctor of Philosophy – PhD

03 Years



Following Diplomas and Extension Courses are also conducted by the UPEDEC.


Diploma Courses

Diploma in Buddhist Studies

Diploma in English

Diploma in Tamil

Diploma in Astrology

Certificate Courses

Advanced Certificate Course in English

Advanced Certificate Course in Astrology

Advanced Certificate Course in Chinese

Certificate Course in Tamil

Certificate Course in Japanese

Certificate Course in Information and Communication Technology