Student Counseling

Service of Student Counselling

The two Academic members have been appointed as Counselors of the University Students' to advise University students' about daily issues, rules and laws and academic problems of exams.


Duties of the Counselors of the University Students'

As counselors of the University Students' work on a good understanding of personal or other problems of students', so students' responsibility is to bring such needs in to their attention. Personal information are kept as confidential by the counselors of the University Students'

  • By considering the complaints and inquiries was done by students, advice in accordance with the problem and refer to the relevant sections with their own observations.
  • Reporting the relevant departments after checking the participation of lecturers and leave requests of students'.
  • Organizing and giving advice regarding the academic trips and student trips.
  • The duties regarding collecting money in the University premises and controlling.
  • Give advice to the duties regarding societies of students limited to the departments and societies of common students.
  • Handle, control and calling the visiting lecturers for meeting.
  • Identify and control the various shows and festivals of students'.
  • Give recommendation about welfare and discipline of students to the vice chancellor.