Deans and Heads of the Departments

Each Faculty is administrated under separate Deans and the Dean works as the Academic and Administrative Chief of the Faculty. Currently, there are two Faculties such as:

Faculty of Buddhist Studies

Dean : Prof. Ven. Kanattegoda Saddharatana Nayaka Thero
   • Department of Buddhist and Pali
       Head of the Department : Dr. Ven. Kadawathgama Piyarathana Nayaka Thero
   • Department of Practical Buddhist Studies
       Head of the Department : Ven. Welivita Soratha Thero

Faculty of Languages & Cultural Studies

Dean : Prof. Ven. Kanangamuwe Rahula Thero
   • Department of Social Sciences and Comparative Studies
       Head of the Department : Ven. Karandagolle Wijithathissa Thero
   • Department of Department of Languages
       Head of the Department : Ven. Mediyawe Piyarathana Thero