Supply and Capital Works Division

Scope of the Division

"The Capital Works Division provides contract administration/procurement service relating to the works contracts in order to reestablish University in new premises"

The Capital Works Division is responsible for matters relating to the rehabilitation works, and Capital Projects so as to achieve main objectives of the university.

The following works are handling by this division.

  • 1. Facilitating the land and Building Maintenance Committee to approve the projects.
  • 2. Preparation of Bidding Documents and facilitate a Technical Evaluation Committee for procurement process.
  • 3. Facilitating Procurement committee for approval of the projects.
  • 4. Contract awarding and signing of agreements.
  • 5. Project monitoring, payment and contract administration, handing over.
  • 6. Preparation of project reports and sending to ministry.
  • 7. Preparation of cash forecast to the capital projects.
  • 8. To attend the rehabilitation activities of existing buildings of the University.



Staff of the Capital Works Division

Assistant Registrar
Mrs. T.M.D.V.L Wickramasekara
  • Contact : +094 25 3778049
                  +094 25 2236760
                   Ext. 114
  • Email    :

Staff Members

Name & Job Title


1. Mr. KADND Thilakarathna
    Management Assistant Gr.III

+094 25 2236760

2. Miss. DPNSK Dissanayake
    Management Assistant Gr.III

+094 25 2236760

3. Miss. UGL Pushpakumari
    Works Aid III