Registrar is appointed as a fulltime officer for a period of five years and works as the secretary for both the Council and the Senate Board. He should fulfill the tasks and duties assigned to him by the university Act. The registrar is responsible for the general administration and maintaining the discipline of the non-academic staff as per the guidance and directives of the Vice-Chancellor. There are Senior Assistant Registrars and Assistant Registrars to assist the Registrar of this university. Registrar office is located at the Main Administrative Block.

Officers-in-Charge who assist the Registrar

  • Senior Assistant Registrar (Examinations )
  • Assistant Registrar (Administration )
  • Assistant Registrar (Establishment)
  • Assistant Registrar (Capital and Maintenance)
  • Assistant Registrar (Academic and Student Services)
  • Works Engineer (Maintenance)

Mr. U. D. Dodanwala - Registrar

Extension :102
Phone :025-2222615

Staff Members

Name & Job Title


Mrs. M. I. Karunarathne
Senior Staff Assistant


Mr. W. A. R. K. Peiris
Works Aid