Faculty of Languages & Cultural Studies

Bhiksu University of Sri Lanka

Faculty of Languages & Cultural Studies

General Information

In the year 2012,with the amendment to the Buddhasravaka Bhiksu University Parliamentary Act,the name of the University was changed as the Bhiksu University of Sri Lanka and two faculties were established. The Faculty, that incorporated languages and Social Science Subjects, was named after the Faculty of Languages and Cultural Studies. Under this Faculty, there are two departments, Department of Languages and Department of Social Sciences and Comparative Studies.

At present, Ven. Dr.KanangamuweRahulaTherais acting as the Dean of the Faculty and it operates with the objective of creating a community of student monks with language ability and the knowledge of social sciences, skills, discipline, expertise and so forth for teaching the philosophy taught in Buddhism for the global community.

Dean Prof. Ven. Kanangamuwe Rahula Thero
Deans office Staff –          

K. A. D. N. Ariyasinghe C.A.A.iii
A. A. D. Sisira jayalath (labourer)