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"Techniques Related to Preparation of Ola Leaf Books"

Mr. Y. K Tissa Bandara the Acting Librarian of the Bhiksu University of Sri Lanka conducted a special lecture on "The Techniques Related to Preparation of Ola Leaf Books" at the Library, which is coordinated by the department of social sciences and comparative studies with the invitation of Vice Chancellor. The main intention of this programme was to develop the knowledge of the students who specialize in Library Science on Ola Leafs. Many students and lecturers related to library science attended this lecture. This programme was conducted for two hours with the help of audio and video facilities. An exhibition on Medical Ola Leafs was conducted in parallel to this programme. Students were introduced to the Polishing of Ola leaf manuscripts in a practical way. Apart from that, special techniques of Ola Leaf Books, reading Ola Leaf Books, and numbering Ola Leaf Books were introduced for student monks. Traditional medicine and equipment required for ola leaf writing were collected from collection of Tissa Bandara.
Some photos depicting the lecture, medicine used to polish ola leafs and instances of polishing ola leafs are shown below.
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