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6th International (Online) Conference - BUSL-IOC 2021

6th International (Online) Conference BUSL-IOC 2021 was conducted on 23rd of December, 2021 under the guidance of Prof. Ven. Kanattegoda Saddharatana Thera, Vice Chancellor, BUSL. The University decided to hold the conference via online due to the pandemic situation of the world. The Keynote Speech was delivered by the Asst. Prof. Ven. Walmoruwe Piyarathana, Director of BA English Program, Faculty of Buddhism, Mahachulalongkornraja Vidyalaya University, Thailand. The conference theme was "Contemporary Human Challenges: Buddhist and Multidisciplinary Perspectives". One hundred and twenty five research papers of national and international scholars were subjected to academic discussion at the conference related to the conference theme and it was successfully concluded with the support of Academic, Executive and Non Academic staff of the BUSL. Ven. Karandagolle Wijithathissa was the Conference Chair and Ven. Dr. Dapane Chandaratana and Ven. Karandagolle Sobhitha were Joint Secretaries to the IOC 2021.