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Launching of Research Book on Hatthikuchchi

Hatthikuchchi is an ancient monastery complex founded in Rajanganaya, nearby Anuradhapura, which was the first capital of Sri Lanka. The history of the place goes back to the time of 307 - 267 BC. It is of great importance in terms of archaeology though the large number of inscriptions had not properly been interpreted.The Bhiksu University of Sri Lanka (BUSL) started a project to reveal secrets hidden in the inscriptions therein under the supervision of Most Ven. Prof. Thumbulle Sri Seelakkanda Nayaka Thera, the former Vice Chancellor of the University .After interpreting the inscriptions, the researchers of the project, Ven. Galwewe Wimalakhanthi Thero, researcher In Chief and prof. Ariya Lagamuwa, director of the project, decided to reveal a controversial matter related to the monastery which has long been a matter of controversy in Sri Lankan history : Siri Sangabodhi Bodhisatva :the king who offered his own head for a poor man to obtain 100 kahapanas from the contemporary king Gaotabhaya. After interpreting the whole inscriptions, it was realized that the above mentioned matter of the history was true and the researchers investigated more factors concerned to prove the historical incident. The report of the project was published as a book: Hattikuchchi Pabbata Vihara and Siri Sangabodhi Bodhisatva and it was launched for the public on 14th March 2019 at the BUSL. The task was completed under the supervision of the Vice Chancellor of the University of the BUSL, Most Ven. Prof. Waradiwela WijayasumanaThero and Ven. Prof. Kanangamuwe Rahula Thero, Dean of the Faculty of Languages and Cultural Studies. Ven. Senior Lecturer Karandagaolle wijitatissa Thero, Head of the department, Social Sciences and Comparative Studies, and the academic staff of the Dept. made their utmost contribution to make this a great success. The book comprising 07 chapters was written by two authors, Senior Prof. Ariya Lagamuwa and Senior Lecturer in Archeology, Ven. Galwewe Wimalakhanthi Thero. The book launch was ceremoniously held with three lecturers, Professors, J.B. Dissanayake, H.M.D.R.Herath and Gamini Adikari, making comments on it.
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