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Felicitation Ceremony of Prof. Ven. Waradiwela Wijayasumana Nayaka Thero and Associate Prof.Ven. Karagaswewe Wimalananda Thero

A felicitation ceremony organized by the Bhiksu University of Sri Lanka to appreciate the service of retired Prof.Ven.Waradiwela Wijayasumana Nayaka Thera and retired Associate Prof.Ven. Karagaswewe Wimalananda Thera was held on the 29th of March 2022 at the Faculty of Languages and Cultural Studies.
Senior Lecturer Ven. Pahiyangala Sumangala was the Project Officer in charge of this project. Excavation was carried out with the participation of Senior Lecturer Dr. Ven. Uduvila Uparathana, Senior Lecturer Ven. Kelagama Jinarathana, Temporary Lecturer Ven. Konakumbukawewa Pannaloka and Bhikku students (special 3rd Year), Dr. Nimal Perera (Former Deputy Director) L.V. De Mal (Archaeologist), Daglas Bandara (Research Officer) S.V.P. Lakmal Samarasinghe, Gayan Baduraliya and H. Dinethra Tharangani.

During the ceremony there were several speeches which highlighted the value of the commendable service accomplished by Prof. Ven.Waradiwela Wijayasumana Nayaka Thera and Associate Prof.Ven. Karagaswewe Wimalananda Thera to the advancement of the University. At the conclusion of the ceremony prizes and souvenirs was given to them in honor of their service by both academic and non-academic staff of the BUSL. Prof. Ven. Kanattegoda Saddharatana Nayaka Thera, Vice-Chancellor of the University, Members of the Council and Senate, Invitees, Academic and Non-Academic Staff of the University were participated in the ceremony.