Undergraduate Programmes


Senior Lecturer Ven. Wewala Dhammaloka is acting as the Head of the Department of Social Sciences and Comparative Studies at present. This Department functions for the improvement of students’ practical knowledgeof Buddhism. This Department facilitates the students to improve their practical knowledge and skills through subject related researches, workshops, training and excavations, and to developtheir knowledge pertaining to Social Sciences and researches; it encourages the student community to study Buddhism comparatively. There are 13 academic staff members of this Department.
Under this Department, B.A. (General/Hon.) and Educational Science (Hon.) degrees are offered. The Department has introduced 8 course units and one Foundation Course.
Main Course Units

  1. Archaeology - (General)
  2. Educational Science - B.Ed.
  3. Library and Information Science - (General)
  4. Heritage Management - (General)
  5. Psychology - (General)
  6. Philosophy - (General)
  7. History - (General)
  8. Sociology - (General)

Foundation Course (FND)

  1. Logic and Scientific Method

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