Undergraduate Programmes

This Department provides a substantial training to the student monks regarding Dhamma sermons, Dhamma discussions, meditation, Bodhi puja, pirit chanting and such other religious duties through both theoretical and practical means. Preparing old manuscripts, editing of writings, robe cutting-viewing-colouring process, working as a guide on Buddhist circuit, organizing a field trip are some of the Departmental activities apart from providing a theoretical and practical knowledge through subjects like Buddhist Monk and Contemporary Social Understanding, Meditation and Buddhist Counseling. Meanwhile a qualitative training is provided to the student monks regarding the Computer and Internet in order to transfer the message of Buddhism to the modern world.
The Department is equipped with a state of the art Computer Laboratory. The student monks are also taught as to how he becomes a better Dhamma messenger through a course called Mass Communication.
There is a subject called Practical Buddhist Studies under this Department along with several other subsidiary subjects as follows:

  1. Buddhist Psychology & Counselling -          B.A (Special) Degree Programme
  2. Practical Buddhist Studies                              -           B.A. (General) Degree Programme
  3. Buddhist Monk and Contemporary Social Understanding - Foundation Course
  4. Meditation and Buddhist Counseling                         -           Foundation Course
  5. Foundation Course in Information Technology I-II -           Foundation Course