Undergraduate Programmes


The three subjects operating under this Department are:

  1. Buddhist Philosophy  - B.A. (General) (Hons.) Degree Programme/s
  2. Buddhist Civilization - B.A. (General) (Hons.) Degree Programme/s
  3. Pali                             - B.A. (General) (Hons.) Degree Programme/s
Buddhist Philosophy, Buddhist Civilization and Pali can be selected as Special Degree subjects. The Department of Buddhist and Pali Studies with these three subjects functions under the Faculty of Buddhist Studies. The prime objective of this Department is to instill high level of Tipitaka knowledge among the student monks who are enrolled here for different academic courses and to develop that knowledge from research level to practical adaptations to the life itself. The subjects under this Department consist of various scopes of both eastern and western philosophies. The objective of the Degree Course is to produce a scholar who is capable of balancing the two subjects – Buddhist Philosophy and Buddhist Civilization and acquire a substantial pragmatic knowledge in his own scope. All these subject teachings have been designed to develop the cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains of the student community

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