Financial Administration Division

Financial Administration Division

The Financial Administration Department (FAD) of the University is headed by the Bursar, according to the responsibilities and functions wasted under the Act of establishment of the Bikshu University; the FAD is responsible for the Revenue collection, Managing Expenditure, Budgeting and Budgetary control, Accounting and management of financial information, procurement management and salary management, Stores management etc. Under each category of responsible functions, the FAD carried out several functions as shown below.

Revenue collection:

  • Collection of Government grants monthly basis
  • Collection of revenue comes from student such as student registration fee and others
  • Collection of revenue generated from the fees levy courses
  • Collection of revenue generated from other ancillary activities and donations
Managing Expenditure:
  • Managing all recurrent expenditure
  • Managing all capital expenditure
  • Managing other expenditure relate with the other activities
  • Managing bursary and mahapola payments
Budgeting and Budgetary control:
  • Preparation of the program budget of the University
  • Monitoring the budgetary control of the University
Accounting and management of financial information:
  • Maintaining ledger and votes accounting system
  • Banking and financial management activities
  • Providing periodic financial management information
  • Preparation of annual financial statements
  • Administer the provident fund accounts of the university employees
 Procurement management:
  • Procumbent of all fixed assets and other requisites of the university
  • Preparation of the annual procurement plan
Salaries and staff loans management:
  • Payment of salaries for academic and nonacademic staff
  • EPF, ETF and other statutory payments
  • Staff loans payments
  • All other payments to temporary staff
Stores management:
  • Managing the stores of the university



Financial Officers

Mr. D. D. Upananda

Mr. G.W. Rathnayaka
Assistant Bursar
Email /
Extension :103
Phone :025-2225529